Reduce your lab costs and share VMs in the Cloud

LabSlice is a Virtual Lab Management solution powered by Amazon EC2. They extend the Amazon cloud to create a:

  • Self-service lab, so that all your employees can get secure access to create and manage their own machines in the cloud.

  • Policy controlled environment, where each machine is issued based on size, type and lease duration restrictions that you specify.

  • Sharable cloud, where you can give your peers, customers and business partners access to the cloud simply by sending an email.

Companies use LabSlice for transient lab requirements, such as sales demos, departmental testing infrastructure and training environments. The technology allows virtual machines to be shared by simply sending an email, whilst still controlling costs with strong policy management. Lab users include banks, government organizations and small-to-medium businesses looking to reduce the costs of deploying and managing a lab environment. Lab managers can quickly virtualize their infrastructure and immediately see a return on investment, as lab machine costs rapidly drop to just a couple of cents per hour of usage (no need for capital investment on infrastructure, maintenance, licensing and physical floor space).

With LabSlice you can create a fully sharable lab environment, with Virtual Demos that you can easily distribute to customers, helping your Sales Engineers to increase customer satisfaction and sales quotas. There are only 3 steps to deploying Virtual Demos with the LabSlice technology:

  • Create a new virtual machine instance, configure it and install the tools you need.

  • Snapshot your machine, to keep the image persisted on Amazon’s backend cloud of virtual images.

  • Share your image with peers, business partners and customers, simply by sending them an email. You can send virtual machines to customers simply as hyperlinks in an email, with new instances being created as soon as those links are clicked.

All backend infrastructure in the lab is run directly on Amazon EC2. This allows the lab environment to scale as required, utilizing any of the Unix, Linux or Windows machines that are already supplied in Amazon’s environment. Costs are also minimized by use of Amazon EC2, which allows us to lease machines out at a cost of just 8 cents/hr for a basic machine.

Account registration is free and for the first month the lab environment is completely free to use.

App submitted Mon 30 Aug '10

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