Legal Playground

Bringing the Legal Profession into the 21st Century

Legal Playground is a website and iphone app that connects consumers with lawyers. On both the site and app, consumers can easily search for lawyers by name, firm, practice area, or location. They can view profiles, blogs, videos, and podcasts to learn more about lawyers and contact them. Alternatively, they can submit a free post to the online Bulletin Board, and interested attorneys can immediately read and respond to the postings. Through the app, they can stay in touch with their favorite attorneys by viewing up-to-the-minute posts, blogs and photos.

For lawyers, the site and app helps them show clients and potential clients that they are in sync with the latest technologies. In the virtual environment, they can publish their professional resumes, engage in web-blogging, share online videos and documents, and have clients and prospective clients follow them on a dedicated mobile app. As a premium member, they can gain access to the online Bulletin Board and be the first to respond to consumer postings and attorney referrals. The app is the closest lawyers can get to having a free app for their clients to “follow them” on.

App submitted Fri 29 Apr '11
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