Legal River

Legal Advice at the right price (free)

Whether you are a small business owner, an attorney or an individual, there is a place for you on Legal River. As a small business owner or individual, you can find legal information that will save you countless hours later trying to figure out how to fix an issue. Also, you can ask any law question you might have. As an attorney, you can use Legal River to learn about laws in different geographical regions or areas of law. You can also submit guides and answer questions; these will help you win points, unlock badges and reach new clients.

App submitted Tue 21 Sep '10

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Make the lawyers come to you..

Review posted Mon 5 Dec '11

If ever there was an aspect of business life more deserving of some sort of choice then it surely has to be in matters relating to the law. Good legal advice and help, whether it be in the drafting of business ... Read more