LifeTicker Pro -Track, improve & simplify your life!

Turn all your life stuff into tickers and simplify your life!

Promo code (LifeTicker Pro -Track, improve & simplify your life!): H4M4WJX764YE

Turn all your important people, things, events and big dates into tickers! Name all of these tickers and edit them with pictures, put them into categories and organize all of them on your ticker’s list. You can change, rearrange, reset and share your reminder tickers and be absolutely confident that you will be reminded every time when you need any one of them!

Only way to be precisely reminded of the exact moment and the time of your birth is that you type in your exact birth figures (y/m/d/h/min) from your birth certificate or announcement into your LifeTicker Pro app!

App submitted Fri 16 Nov '12

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