Instantly share links to your friends

Linker is a Chrome extension which allows to send links to frequent contacts directly from browser toolbar with just one click. Once you entered email address it is being stored in your contacts list so you don’t have to enter it again, but just click on it next time you send link. Links are being sent as emails and/or browser notifications. You can browse, search and resend sent or recieved links. Last but not least, Linker will notify you when your links were opened.

App submitted Tue 4 Mar '14

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Send links to your friends in seconds with no rigmarole

Review posted Fri 7 Mar '14

I know that we've said it heaps of times before but there are really two types of great apps out there in appland. There's the all-encompassing multi faceted app that will astound you with its packload of features and then ... Read more