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Guess & record sound bites with friends in “Listen Up!”

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Get ready to take turn-based gaming with friends to a whole new level. “Listen Up!” isn’t just another guessing game - your creativity and imagination make the game as wild and fun as you want it to be & never anything less! Here’s how you play:

● Start a game by either inviting Facebook friends, searching out specific “Listen Up!” gamer tags, finding a random opponent, or inviting players via email!

● Playing is easy. Once the game starts, pick one of 3 available words - ranging from Easy, Medium, or Hard - and use your creativity and imagination to record an audio clip that you think best describes that word! Don’t say the actual word you’re describing, because, let’s face it, that would just take all the fun out of the game. Other than that, you’re free to make any noise or sound you want. The funnier, the better!

● It’s up to your opponent to listen to your audio recording and figure out what word you’re trying to describe. It won’t always be easy but it’ll always be a blast, so Listen Up!

● Points are counted via collected “mics”. The harder the word you guess right, the more mics you’ll get. 1 mic for Easy words, 2 mics for Medium words, and 3 mics for Hard words. Mics also can be used to unlock image clues when guessing and to unlock other bonus goodies too!

● Stop lollygagging about! Find friends, connect with strangers from all over the world, and get in on the hilariously addictive fun that is “Listen Up!” today! Listen Up! Features:

● Engaging turn-based audio guessing fun!

● Mic point system to reward players for guessing clues—the harder the word, the more mics are won, giving players power to unlock very funny visual aids to use as clues.

● Flexible audio recording options that allow players to record, review, and re-record their audio clues on demand.

● Ability to replay incoming clues.

● Hints to help guessers out on especially tough words & a “Pass” option for when they want to plain give up and concede defeat.

● A unique “Susie Soundmaster” option that lets players nominate awesomely epic sound bites from within the app to win weekly contests and, possibly, win monthly prizes, to be announced on the “Listen Up!” Facebook page and website.

App submitted Mon 24 Dec '12
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