Local Anonymous

Anonymous Crushes, Questions and Confessions

Introducing Local Anonymous - your feed of local, anonymous gossip.

Local Anonymous is a place where you can read secret crushes, confessions and questions and post your own without anyone knowing who you are.

Local Anonymous is a social network for everything private. Share all of your deepest secrets and become the talk of others. You can watch as people interact with your secrets by commenting, liking and sharing them on Facebook. What are you willing to share?

Speculate with your friends and connect with Facebook by tagging them in shared posts. Who knows what you will uncover with Local Anonymous. Find out if anybody has a secret crush on you and see what confessions affect you.

To get started simply go to the settings page and pick a suitable, anonymous, username. Now you are able to share your secrets anonymously with ease. The app uses your current location to find crushes, confessions and questions in a set radius around you - this can be adjusted to home-in or zoom-out of your area's confessions. Connect with Facebook and start commenting on new posts - tag friends, your location and even share a link to the post.

Receive notifications when a new post is added or someone interacts with your post.

With Local Anonymous, you can find out the secrets from around your area.

- Post your crush, confession or question anonymously
- Explore others posts from in and around your area
- Connect with Facebook and comment on posts
- Like, comment and share posts from the app
- Discover if someone has a secret crush on you

App submitted Fri 30 Aug '13

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The best place to gossip anonymously

Review posted Mon 16 Sep '13

There's a little bit of voyeurism in all of us it appears. Theres nothing more exciting for some than to hear or share a bit of gossip with others. Youve only got to have watched one episode of the tv ... Read more