Tracking reminders...so you don't have to!

LocAlerts™ is a geolocation-based reminder system that allows you to quickly add reminders based off of location. Think of it as a to-do list that you don't have to remember to check--just drop a map pin, add details if you wish, and you're done. Simple and intuitive! LocAlerts™ has many more features and is much more user friendly than other apps available, especially the iOS Reminders app. Feature Highlights: - Simple alert creation from Google Map drop pin, Google Search, iPhone Conacts, and any address manually - Audio pack which provides voice recording and playback so that you don't have to type your details! - Touch/drag alert area on map to broaden when you get alerted (say, on the highway before an exit) - Very customizable - alert tones, default alert area size, and more - 4 settings for alert accuracy vs battery savings -- an option for every user - and more!

App submitted Wed 15 Feb '12

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Enhance your road trip experience

Review posted Thu 16 Feb '12

LocAlerts is a damned good geolocation based reminder board that would be absolutely brilliant for a road trip or a holiday away. Keep this search and reminder tool on your iPad or your iPhone and it will give you the ... Read more