Looti Tooti

Why would you listen to music any other way?
Looti Tooti is a Funny Web application that plays wacky variations of popular tunes. From the About tab of the App: With lootitooti.com, we made one of the goofiest ideas come to life. My bro and I get real goofy when we play video games. One day I was playing League of Legends with my bro and humming Game of Thrones theme(Tana Nana). My bro started humming the same song with a different lyrics (looti tooti), and we kept going. I decided we can turn this into an app, and troll a bit on humanity. We enjoy this absolutely goofy stuff, maybe someone else will like it too. If we get good response (highly unlikely), We can turn this into a platform where people would be able to create funny variations of their favorite tunes. We want to stay anonnymous for now :P, but if you have anything to say, please feel free to email [email protected] Thanks for checking out Looti Tooti. I'm sure now you can get through with the rest of your day!
App submitted Tue 25 Dec '12

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