Losing Your Marbles

Do you have what it takes to rank higher than your friends?

Join the Adventurous Marble Hero's on a quest to save their Ships Captain from the grips of evil in a new style of classic arcade gaming. Travel through different landscapes to clear and defeat the 'Villain walls' by launching marble character's through the air towards their enemies.

With challenging 'Obstacles' and ever changing 'Winds' there to block you from achieving victory……… a mix of timing, strategy and determination is needed. Do you have what it takes to help save the Captain and get the greatest score in the lowest time possible to better your friends with a higher global ranking ?

Losing Your Marbles features: Strategy, Timing, Action Colourful graphics and Character's 45 unique and challenging levels ( More levels to come ) 5 'Battle Arena's' for challenging Facebook friends In App purchases from 'The Marble Shop' of special Hero Shots and Extra lives Easy to learn and play and challenging to perfect 15 free levels: *please note that a purchase is required after the 15th level to open all levels and also Battle Mode.

App submitted Thu 5 Dec '13

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Use strategy, timing and slingshot action to shoot down the Villain walls

Review posted Mon 9 Dec '13

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite toy was when I was a kid. I think they were expecting me to say Lego or board game of some sorts. The truth of the matter though was that I ... Read more