Sync user information right from your MySQL and PostgreSQL database with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor lists

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You are preparing the latest email campaign full of exciting news and features. You've selected good subject, nice copyright and a professional design. But right before sending it you need to update the email marketing list with the new users.

Now, you would probably need to login to your database management software and perform a search for the new users since the last time. Then export them in a suitable format - CSV or Excel and import in the email marketing provider. Match the file content with names and emails and then you are probably ready to send your campaign.

This is where Mailsync comes in handy. We are tackling the boring part of updating the lists with the latest users. We are syncing emails, first and last names for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. And we are well integrated with two of the most popular databases - MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Why use Mailsync?

- Works with your own users from your own database. You may use it on just a landing page or a working product.
- Removes the need for generating, transfering, exporting and importing database dumps, csv and excel files.
- Syncs the users data between your database and marketing lists with just ONE click.
- Self-hosted application, therefore you have the data and the product in your environment.
- Works with two of the most popular databases: MySQL and PostgreSQL.

After purchasing and installing Mailsync, all you need is your database details and Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp API key to get syncing. Mailsync was developed and tested on Debian (6.0), Ubuntu (10.04+), CentOS (6.0), Fedora (11+) and Amazon Linux AMI servers running Python 2.6/2.7.

See Mailsync in action with this INTERACTIVE DEMO:, quick tour: or find out more on .

Mailsync costs only $14.95 - it's a ONE-time purchase and you can sync as many databases and lists as you want. For FeedMyApp readers we've prepared 10 discount codes with 25% off: use FEEDMYAPP to obtain it.

App submitted Thu 8 Nov '12

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