Match 2 Friends

Let your friends get you a date.

The average facebook user has 200 friends, that means 200 × 200 = 40,000 friends of friends and that means 20,000 potential dates (a new date every day for 50 years).

Match 2 Friends allows your friends get the right date for you in a secure way avoiding embarrassment.

Secure dates: your friends can only match you with their friends so you have always at least one friend in common with your match. The more friends that like your match the more secure is the date, so you will never get a date with a total stranger.

Zero embarrassment: you can like a match anonymously and wait for your match to also like you without him or her knowing that you like her or him. If both people that are matched like each other then they will be notified after a random amount of time so neither can know who liked the other first.

App submitted Fri 21 Jan '11

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