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Free Medical Calculators
Medical Calculators is used in daily medical practice. It’s a Very successful app with practicing doctors. App is used by doctors as a tool during routine practice at OPD’s, hospitals, private clinic, operation theaters etc... Free for all medical practitioners. Just download login and use. Calculators included are categorized as follows: Growth Calculator: » Height » Weight » Head Circumference » Predict Height » Mid Parental Height » Body Surface Area (BSA) » Body Mass Index (BMI) » Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Conversion Calculator: » Conversion of Temperature Celsius to Fahrenheit » Conversion of Weight From Pound to Kg » Conversion of cm to inches Renal Conversions: » Serum Osmolality » Bicarbonate & Base Excess » Fractional Excretion Of Sodium » Creatinine Clearance » Creatinine Clearance (Schwartz Formula) » Normal Values Of GFR » Anion Gap Calculator Pregnancy Calculators: » APGAR Score » Ovulation Date Calculator » Pregnancy Due Date Calculator » Conception Date Calculator Blood Pressure Calculator: » Blood Pressure Calculator Blood Group Detection: » Find Your Blood Group Critical Care: » Alveolar arterial Gradient (A-a gradient) » ET Size » Normal Respiratory Rate » Predicted Mean Peak Respiratory Flow Rates » Corrected QTc Calculator » Sodium Deficit in Hyponatremia Calculator » Burns Fluid Requirement Calculator Drug Dose Calculators: » Emergency Drug Formula Diarrhea Solution Calculators: » Diarrhea Solution » IV Rates Calculator Blood Reference Values: » WBC Count » Coagulation Profile » Blood Indices » Immunoglobulin IgG Subclass Levels » Immunoglobulin Reference Values » Serum Complement Reference Values » Lymphocyte Reference Values » Corrected CSF WBC Count for RBC`s Calculator » Corrected Reticulocyte Count Calculator Endocrine and Antibody Tests: » Thyroid Function Test » Antibodies & Their Associated Diseases Drugs Interaction: » Drugs Interaction Calculator *Supports API levels 8 & above (Android 2.2 and above)
App submitted Sat 12 Oct '13

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