MeetingKing 2

More productive meetings, on-line and off-line

More productive meetings with less effort. Managers and executives spend on average between 25% and 60% of their time in meetings and only half of those meetings are considered productive. The main reasons for unproductive meetings are poor preparation and no follow-up.

MeetingKing ( brings structure and order to in-person and on-line meetings by helping users to set the meeting agenda, share files, easily write meeting minutes, and manage tasks.

Instead of juggling email, Word, a file sharing service and a task management tool, you have one tool for the complete information flow and workflow for more productive meetings with less effort.

Users can initiate meetings from Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar. MeetingKing will import all of the information from the meeting request, copy the list of attendees, and email them information about the meeting, including the agenda. Setting the agenda is easy by selecting on of the standard meeting agenda templates or you can create your own.

MeetingKing turns the minutes of the meeting into a to-do list, and keeps track of which individuals are responsible for which tasks. MeetingKing acts as a management system for all of the users meetings' discussions, notes, and tasks. Intuitive filter and search functionality makes it easy to find all meetings and tasks, by project, department and person.

Meeting invitees do not need a MeetingKing account. They can receive agendas, minutes, and tasks without accessing MeetingKing's collaboration platform. However, meeting participants can create a free account to access the meeting and submit agenda topics, share files, provide updates on tasks, and comment on notes.

App submitted Thu 19 Sep '13

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