Musicians around you

By telling us which songs-genre you play or dance, we will find people who play or dance the same songs or the same genre and are willing to meet with you!
Moreover, by telling us where you are we suggest you the rehearsal rooms where to play or dance. MeetheMusic may be also used to create a new group-project and to find the missing member of an existing group.
Now you have the people and the place, just tell them why and when you wanna play or dance and it’s done!

MeetMusic is a cool mobile app that allows musicians to see other musicians around them and to play with them.
Music is everywhere: spot the right place where to jam.

The idea is that one of creating a reference app for musicians in order to spot musicians, rehearsal rooms, places where to jam, around you wherever you are. Moreover if you want to interact and say: ok tonight i wanna play with some musician from 9.00pm to 10.30pm, you just create a jam room, specifying the location, and see if someone joins you.

MeetMusic aims to be a reference point for musicians. There is no other service that puts geolocalization at musicians' disposal.

If you are a musician give MeetMusic a try.
It's FREE and ready to rock.

App submitted Fri 21 Mar '14

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Find fellow musicians, live gigs and rehearsal rooms around you using geolocalization

Review posted Tue 1 Apr '14

It wasn't too many years ago that, if you were a musician, you could rock up to any number of pubs or bars with your instrument and find a whole bunch of other cool musicians to play or jam with. ... Read more