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The most popular meme app is now available for all iOS and Android devices! With this app you can create the funniest memes. You can save the created meme or share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail. The images are saved in high resolution, which means that your memes will always look great. You can also ADD A CUSTOM PICTURE! If you can't find the right meme for you, just add a custom picture and create a new meme yourself! When you enter the application you see a beautiful SEARCHABLE list with previews which lets you select your desired meme. In the editing screen you will see two input fields. Insert the top and bottom text and save or share your meme. The application can also provide you with some examples so you get the right idea for this specific meme. You can easily create a list of your favorite memes by taping the star on the right! *** 10 Reasons why this app is better than the others *** 1. It doesn't tag the created memes 2. No annoying pop-up windows that tell you to buy something. 3. Big selection of images and multiple example captions 4. WORKS OFFLINE 5. High resolution images 6. You can ADD A CUSTOM PICTURE 7. Beautiful searchable list and favorites 8. IT'S FREE! 9. Available for ALL iOS and Android devices 10. Over 400 memes to choose from
App submitted Sun 9 Jun '13

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