Creative Gets Smart, Smart Gets Creative

MinaGrey is a social community of scientists, artists, musicians, and writers that can be joined completely free. Launched in 2012, it has a good and steady niche public mainly coming from US, due to the site's primary language. MinaGrey is a web 2.0 platform and its content is thus generated by its users, which grow steadily too. It has a social extension for public chit chat, comments on other Members's contributions, loves and votes, or for some shameless self promotion. The music section has featured world renowned musicians, and the art section exhibits an extraordinary collection of unique pieces. Most known for its science news, MinaGrey also offers a free marketing and cross-promotion area with Twitter, Google, and Facebook integration. The site has the strictest anti-spam policies and doesn't even send newsletters. MinaGrey doesn't use cookies, and doesn't advertise. Artists, writers, and musicians have the possibility to license their pieces without commissions. The philosophy behind MinaGrey is far from commercial: we believe that resources should be made available to everyone. If you feel you have something in common with us, you can join the fun at any time, and get creative with the Community.

App submitted Thu 29 May '14

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Review posted Sun 1 Jun '14

Don't panic, MinaGrey is not the follow up to Fifty Shades of Grey! It's far more worthy to me than that poorly written piece of fluff. Let me just say from the outset here. This free, art and writing application ... Read more