Minty Fresh CMS

A Very Cool CMS

Minty Fresh is an innovative monthly subscription business application for the SME market, but it has a web application design & development company spearheading it. It’s not a just a CMS where people create an account and get started. Minty Team help the person create, design and develop the site they need to suit their requirements.

There are tonnes of features but if the customer wants anything added to their project this is not a problem.

Some of the current features range from… editing anything on the website, adding as many texts to the site as required, an ECOMMERCE feature, Blog feature and coming soon twitter integration.

There are no design constraints at all, all designs created by the Hub team, no templates ever used.

Minty can also handle bringing over a existing design, if the client has a site designed the already like but want extra features without the big cost… minty can add simple features for a simple monthly cost.

App submitted Wed 22 Jul '09

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