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Free city guide with offline working maps

In a world increasingly defined by the synergy of travel and technology, an iPad application known as Momondo Places offers free and in-depth city guides of seven of the world's most popular cities (and more to follow). However, this travel search engine has taken a few interesting steps in relation to how the content is presented. So, it proves wise to take a further look at this interesting smartphone app. Travel Based Upon Mood One of the main amenities that allows this application to be different is the fact that travellers can search for the specific attractions of a city in relation to their mood. For example, one may desire to encounter the most romantic spots in London or instead wish to quickly view the best family destinations in Barcelona. Although there is indeed an "everything" option for a quick overview, these selective categories will streamline the search process and enhance the user's experience. Offline Capabilities A second feature that is worth noting is that Momondo Places can be downloaded and viewed offline. This is a key consideration for tourists witihn a location that would otherwise incur hefty roaming charges by viewing online content. Thus, all of the choicest attractions of a city can be viewed while abroad. Also, this capability is matched with the rather traditional "feel" of a book; users can flip through virtual pages much in the same way that they would view a physical travel brochure. Heightened Functionality Thus, this application designed for the iPhone is intended to provide a seamlessly integrated database of popular cities while simultaneously allowing users to apply a "mood" and focus their search on specific sights and desires. While choosing a particular mood and being able to view all of the content offline once it is downloaded is advantageous, perhaps the greatest benefit of Momondo Places is that the application is absolutely free. As the popularity of this travel guide continues to grow, Momondo claims that it will soon be presenting a wider selection of cities to compliment their initial seven choices. This application is certain to make a lasting impression upon those looking for a quick and user-friendly guide to their favourite destinations.

App submitted Fri 14 Feb '14
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