Monkey Write: Learn to write Chinese

Learn to write Chinese

The only way to master Chinese writing is practice, practice and practice. Doing that on paper is really boring though, and Monkey Write turns it into a game. Besides making it fun, Monkey Write also verifies the stroke order and direction, so you know you are learning it the right way. Monkey Write is lightweight and fun, great for children and adults alike. There are many workbooks to choose from, so you can learn auspicious characters for that masterpiece in your living room, or pick up a Chinese menu and figure out if you're eating beef or lamb.

App submitted Tue 27 Mar '12

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The simplest way to learn to write Chinese

Review posted Thu 29 Mar '12

This simple Learn to write Chinese application from the Monkey Write people is another in the series following their earlier Numbers, Blessings and Eating Out excursions. It's a free and easy to use language, education and learning tool for android ... Read more