Monsoon Brainstorming Tool

Brainstorm Better

Monsoon is an online brainstorming tool that empowers your team to innovate without being in the same place at the same time. Its 'chat room' format allows you to leverage the brainpower of larger groups by removing the bottleneck created by only one person being able to speak at a time. In addition, it eliminates office politics & ensures you get what the team is really thinking by making idea submission and evaluation anonymous. Published academic research shows Monsoon's electronic brainstorming method can increase the amount of ideas your team generates by 200%.bu

App submitted Wed 14 Dec '11

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Review posted Sun 18 Dec '11

I like these kind of electronic brainstorming business tools because they fulfil a double purpose. On the one hand, you have the ability to collaborate with various fellow workers who may be situated in the next office or in Timbuktu. ... Read more