Import script. Export production. is software created specifically for independent filmmakers and their production process. Import your script and with a few clicks you will be creating your budget, call sheets, and production boards.

Upload photos and files associated the cast, crew, locations, props, wardrobe, and anything else important for you film. The data you enter will automatically flow through to your budget and call sheets saving yourself hours.

This all costs hundreds less than traditional desktop budgeting and scheduling software with the added bonus of being able to access everything important in your office, on set, or on location.

App submitted Sun 30 Mar '14

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Complete production management, scheduling and budgeting for your indie film at a great price

Review posted Wed 2 Apr '14

One thing that many a budding independent filmmaker doesn't realize until its too late is that the art of making a movie isn't just about the physical action of making the film itself. The grim reality is that there's a ... Read more