My Football Manager Online

The first turn based social sports game.

My Football Manager Online offers a new and refreshing way to play online football manager games. Play it anywhere, anytime. Challenge your friends or try your luck against a random opponent.

Traditional football manager games focus on managing a lot of aspects around the team and the club. Matches are simulated overnight or directly without any interaction. You have little or no influence on the results of the matches.

My Football Manager Online does things differently. The game is all about playing matches, where your tactical and coaching skills are put to the test. You won't have to worry about making enough money or your players fitness in between matches. No more distractions. Just focus on the game!


App submitted Mon 4 Jun '12

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A soccer game that's bound to score well

Review posted Thu 7 Jun '12

Released to coincide with the European Football Championship, My Football Manager Online deals exclusively with the round ball game known as soccer in the US. This turn-based social sport game borrows a little from the success of apps like Draw ... Read more