My Movies Collection

Do you have too many movies to keep track of? Or do your friends keep accidentally keep buying you movies you already have? My Movies Collection can help.

My Movies Collection is a website that helps you manage and organize your Movies (and TV Shows) collection.

No matter if your movies are original Blu-rays or DVDs, or you have a digital collection, you can use My Movies Collection to keep track of your growing collection.

And now you can also use to manage your wishlist of Movies (and TV Shows) you still don’t own – no more gifts that you either already have or just plain don’t want.

App submitted Mon 29 Aug '11

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Review posted Fri 2 Sep '11

Let's face it, we're a disorganized race aren't we? My fridge is festooned at the moment with little colored post-it notes saying so and so has borrowed a DVD from my collection. Apart from being an excellent movie library My ... Read more