MYCO Suite

Manage Your Company Online

MYCO Suite is a Cloud solution for small businesses who want to have one centralized solution for supporting their company activities. With MYCO Suite you have a CRM, Project management, Document management and Billing solution in one. MYCO Suite offers various other tools for small businesses ranging from Time-sheets for employees, Calendars, Expense reporting features and more. It is very simple to start with MYCO Suite. You will always start with a free trial that can be setup within a minute. After the free trial you can continue with a free basic account or a premium account of $15 per person per month. MYCO Suite focuses on collaboration and makes sure that you never miss important actions of your colleagues, customers or suppliers. (Internal and external collaboration). MYCO Suite is also available on the iPhone which can also be used when offline. This makes sure that you always (online/offline) have access to your company information.

App submitted Thu 14 Jun '12

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