One app to manage all your email accounts

myMail brings all your email accounts together in one, easy-to-use, mobile app. With customizable push notifications and other personalization options, MyMail puts you in control of your inbox. Push notifications are supported even if your email service does not support them. Customize notifications by time of day, which email accounts send them or by folder or sender. Disable notifications for annoying sales sites or social media updates. Hide the sender or subject line. myMail also offers avatars which visually tell you who is sending you mail. Preview attachments without downloading them. Search all your email accounts at once to find an email.

App submitted Fri 13 Dec '13

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One place for all your different email accounts

Review posted Sat 21 Dec '13

How many email accounts do you have to check each day? Three? Four? Ten?!!! Apart from the time aspect, it's a pain in the ass having to remember account names and passwords. So, it makes sense to use an app ... Read more