Your Virtual Personal Shopper is your virtual personal shopper that helps you find what is right for you from the zillions of choices made possible by the Internet. The website has access to products from all premium stores and brands for five important product categories: clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry & watches, and health & beauty.

When you shop for clothes or shoes, gives you the feeling that you have the celebrity stylist to help find what looks on you. When you shop for jewelry , you have gemologists to guide you on the quality and price of the jewelry. When you shop beauty products, you have cosmetologists to analyze the colors and ingredients to find items that will look good on you and suit your skin, hair, etc.

The heart of’s technology is its patent pending intelligent shopping engine that calculates your personal score for every product. The personal score takes into consideration the attractiveness of products for you, your personal style and preferences, fashion and technology trends, and product reviews. We call this personalized score, a FAP (Fashion, Attractiveness, and Preferences) score. Our shopping engine automatically sifts through millions of the products and their reviews looking for products which have high FAP score for you.

Another nifty feature of the website is that it learns about your preference as you use it for shopping. The more you shop the more it gets smarter and it will show results that appeal to you. You also have the option to teach the search engine about what you like and what you don’t while shopping by clicking on “like it” or “don’t like” buttons. also has very attractive reward program for shoppers. It rewards you for shopping using These rewards are in addition to the discounts, coupons, and other promotions the merchant offers you. When you are shopping for a product, we also show you all the relevant promotions (coupons, free shipping, etc) the merchant is running for that product.

Join now to experience how shopping online is supposed to be in the new millennium.

App submitted Wed 10 Oct '07

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