Modern, fun and safe dating for South Asians in the US.

myZamana makes it easy to meet interesting, intelligent and ambitious South Asians.

Why is myZamana different?

  • Not a matrimonial site: We want to help you find that special person. But if you’re not immediately ready to settle down, that’s fine too!

  • Modern features: We probably won’t ask you for your caste or information regarding your astrology. We do, however, make it easy to import information from your Facebook profile.

  • Empowering women: We require our members to fill out their own profiles. That said, we encourage you to get your parents and family involved. (If there are features you’d like to see in this vein, let us know!)

  • Balanced community: Our community has equal amounts of women and men. This is to ensure a high quality user experience.

App submitted Sun 24 Jan '10
Tags dating

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