National Money Helpline

At National Money Helpline we recognise that every person’s situation is different and we are positive that, whatever your problem, whether that be a money problem, debt management question or just a question to help you with your financial situation, we can find a solution that is absolutely right for you.

We have friendly, highly qualified, expert staff with great financial and debt management experience in helping people with money problems, so whatever your financial circumstances the National Money Helpline are here to discuss your options and help you. What’s more, you will be treated as a person and will have a dedicated member of staff to deal with your debt problems.

Our debt management plan could be an ideal way to turn your loans, credit cards, store cards and overdrafts into one affordable, single monthly payment so that you can pay off your debts and get on with your life.

App submitted Thu 2 Sep '10

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Review posted Fri 16 Sep '11

This site isn’t really that representative of a web 2.0 app but given the level of debt suffered in the world today it’s probably worthy of being visible on as many platforms as possible if it’s going to offer support ... Read more