Nectar App

Sweet & Simple Lead Tracking

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Nectar is a sweet & simple sales lead management software built to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers to track their sales leads and close more deals. Nectar enables you to organize, track, nurture and automate your prospects so you can push them through your sales lead pipeline.

A big problem that many companies experience is leads falling through the cracks. Without the time, money or expertise to invest in a cumbersome & confusing CRM, you end up trying to manage leads within email or putting leads in excel where they are ignored, forgotten or lost in the clutter.

Never miss a sales opportunity again. With Nectar, you’ll always be on top of your business. We will even send you reminders to make sure you never forget, misplace or ignore another lead again. It is simple, easy and oh so sweet.

App submitted Tue 6 May '14

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