The easiest way to create and track your budget

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NetIncome aims at making budgeting as easy and convenient as possible. Only a few clicks will take you to your personal monthly budget which is being used to ascertain how much of your income will be left after all expenses. This remaining amount is your net income. In theory, you do not have to monitor anything because the aim is to automise the process as much as possible. However, should you wish to monitor specific spending categories, simply use the app‘s Live! function. On top of that, a comprehensive guide to successful budgeting and managing your spending is integrated in the app.

App submitted Thu 15 May '14

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Review posted Fri 16 May '14

It would appear that, after the horrors and belt-tightening that resulted from the GFC a few years ago, there seems to be a little bit of money back in the pocket again. It took around 10-15 years for the turnaround ... Read more