NetSpot 2 is the only professional app for wireless site survey, Wi-Fi analysis and troubleshooting on Mac OS X

NetSpot is a powerful app for Mac users, which allows collecting, visualizing and analyzing Wi-Fi data using any MacBook. It lets you conduct a wireless site (WLAN) survey of almost any complexity without the need of purchasing high cost specific hardware as it was before.
NetSpot is offered in several editions: FREE, PRO and Enterprise.
The standard version of NetSpot 2.0 is free and includes many top feature requests, including a wireless discover mode, the ability to delete any sample point during a scan, the ability to re-locate access points and a new streamlined interface. All users that need more advanced Wi-Fi survey features can upgrade to the PRO or Enterprise version. The PRO edition gives network experts even more advanced features, including multi-floor scanning, active scanning, the ability to scan hidden networks, and automated troubleshooting. The Enterprise edition includes all the features of the PRO edition and provides licenses to all users within a company, along with priority support.

App submitted Fri 2 Nov '12

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