Your Inventory Managed

NETSTOCK helps SMEs optimise their inventory. Companies often have too much of the inventory that doesn't sell, and too little of the inventory that does sell. NETSTOCK helps them balance their inventory, freeing up working capital, and increasing their sales. Not only will NETSTOCK help them to place the perfect Purchase Orders, but it will do it in a fraction of the time it takes them planning an order in Excel. We make the complex task of placing correct purchase orders very easy and intuitive. Our service is affordable by SMEs. They get an immediate benefit when starting to use our service. Ours was the first to be fully delivered over the web, and our customers get all the benefits that go along with SaaS. The founders have all been involved in Inventory Management and Optimisation businesses for at least 20 years.

App submitted Tue 8 Apr '14
Tags invoicing

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