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Is a design task turning into a Herculean one for you? If that is the case, then you will love The Design Inspiration (TDI). It is an online resource by designers for designers, and it gathers together logos, illustrations and patterns that act as a showcase of talent and as a source of inspiration.

You can also see how many times each design has been visualized, and arrive at some sort of conclusion as regards which ones are the most popular right now. TDI stands as a true inspirational resource. If your muse has taken a week off, you can always count on it to do the job. And we would like to make sure that you are getting the freshest and best quality design inspirations daily.

App submitted Tue 20 Aug '13

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Review posted Sat 24 Aug '13

I'm sure any of you designers out there will know only too well that great design is all about the initial inspiration for a project. There is little more satisfying than visualizing a finished image in your head of how ... Read more