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Simple and elegant way of reading news. NewsCast rethinks how news reading on mobile should be. Summarizing algorithm that generate concise summaries from many sources that you trust. -- Features -- BEAUTIFULLY CONCISE -We are proud to bring summarizing technology to save time while getting the latest and breaking news at your finger tips TOPICS YOU CHOOSE -We tailor news based on your interest. You select your favorite news topics and we build the news feed SUMMARY OR FULL ARTICLES -Access to Summaries and full articles from various sources such as Wall Street Journal, Gurardian, ESPN, Washington Post and many more BOOKMARKS -Save news to your bookmark folder for future references HUNDREDS OF SOURCES -NewsCast brings summaries and full articles from various sources such as CNN, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Guardian and many more Stay Informed with News happening all over the world while saving time.
App submitted Wed 30 Apr '14
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