Coworking in NYC

As a local community center, New Work City centers around three things:


  • Work once in a while: If you need a place to work, but not all the time, our most popular memberships are part-time memberships, which range from a few days a month to a few days a week.

  • Work for a day: No appointment necessary. Just show up with a laptop and a friendly disposition. You’ll be good to go.

  • Work all the time: Crank away on your startup 24/7. Our new space has spots you could hole yourself up in for as long as your neighbors can stand the smell and growing pile of energy drink cans.

  • Work with others: If you’re working alone at home and are tired of having one-way conversations with your cat, you can find great people to socialize with while you get your work done here.

  • Work by yourself: If you just need a place to crank away uninterrupted, we’re cool with that too. Put on a pair of headphones and we’ll leave you alone.

  • Have meetings: Invite partners, vendors, clients, investors, friends, and whoever else you need to work with. You’ll have a variety of collaborative areas and meeting rooms at your disposal.

Events: Attend any of the below, or host your own! The space is here for the community to make use of.

  • Meetup groups: Of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

  • Hackathons: Crank away all weekend long with like-minded folks.

  • Crisis Camps: Special weekend events dedicated to building solutions to urgent world issues.

  • Developer Groups: Django NYC, Python, Ruby, and more— when you organize them!

  • Late-night coworking: NY Night Owls does awesome coworking sessions from 9pm to 3am every Tuesday.

  • BarCamp organizer meetings: Volunteers planning various BarCamps will always have a free place to gather.

  • Startup Weekend: A weekend-long event where people form teams and build startups. The relationships that get formed are even better.

  • Brainstorm events: Come with an idea, or don’t— you’ll be able to learn what others are working on and help them overcome the challenges they’re facing. You just might learn something yourself along the way!

  • Launch Parties: Members launching new projects can kick things off in style. We did it for KeenKong last year and had a blast.


  • Teach a class: Grow your brand, sharpen your skills, and make some cash— teach a class on anything you like in our classroom space.

  • Learn how to be a (better) independent: Attend our classes, all of which are geared toward helping you start or improve your life as an independent.

  • Girl Develop It: A special education program focused on helping women learn how to become developers. How cool is that.

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