Create sales proposals quickly and easily

NiftyQuoter proposal software helps businesses create beautiful sales proposals and quotes for their clients in minutes and manage them easily. Not only it saves a lot of time but also helps win more clients thanks to professional looking proposal templates. Built-in proposal templates can be easily customized by changing text color, recoloring background images, uploading your own background image etc. To save maximum of your time, there are three kinds of templates in NiftyQuoter: text, product/service and theme templates. Finished proposals can be sent to clients by email from NiftyQuoter. Time saving and client satisfaction is further increased by allowing clients to discuss, approve or reject proposals online. A PDF version of proposal is also supported and created automatically. Another feature is a support for online client signatures drawn by a mouse. Multiple users with different roles for your sales team are also supported.

App submitted Mon 15 Oct '12

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