Explosive Instagram Marketing
Nitrogram = Advanced Analytics and Social Media Marketing Platform for Instagram. Professionals use Nitrogram to measure, benchmark and boost their presence on Instagram. (currently 90M+ active users) Interested? Sign up for free at: to test our product! With Nitrogram: - Track important metrics (number of photos, engagement, potential impressions) on Instagram #hashtags and @accounts - Get notifications on new relevant photos and identify your brands’ advocates. Interact with fans and followers from a unified web interface. - Collect and display beautiful Instagram photos from your community on your website or Facebook page. Run Instagram photo campaigns with Nitrogram to increase your reach and engage with your community! Looking for more info? Contact us at [email protected] Curious about best practices, case studies and other useful Instagram tips? Visit our Instagram marketing blog:
App submitted Thu 14 Feb '13

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Analyze your social network campaigns to the nth degree

Review posted Fri 15 Feb '13  ·  90 comments

After the last US election, Barack Obama's chief strategist David Axelrod's skoffed when it was suggested that his boss had made a gaffe when talking about a particular sensitive subject in an off the cuff interview. At this level of ... Read more