Noisepad v2 update

Noisepad is a user-friendly drum computer

Noisepad is a user friendly drum computer, sequencer and beat creator made specifically for live performances and instant result.

It has been designed to give you the most functionality and fun without having to go through a steep learning curve. After installation you’ll find 5 preloaded soundbanks of 12 samples each, ready to start the beat making. You’ll be bouncing your head within 5 minutes, that’s a promise!

The onboard sequencer allows you to program up to 12 patterns on-the-fly, each with their own duration (1 – 99 bars). Switching between patterns is seamless; the sequencer makes sure the next pattern starts when the current has finished. Apply effects to the pattern, mute samples or have them playing solo on your command. Adjust the Beats Per Minute with precision or by tapping at the speed of the beat and add a bit of swing to make the beat feel just right.

It adds a new dimension to your live-sets, parties and all places where you want to make noise. Synchronize the BPM with the music you’re playing and add a little bit of your own flavor to it, or simply trigger the samples by hand. Real-time effects such as pitch, delay, cut-off, phase, reverb and bit-crush will bring your noise to life.

Organize the samples into your own custom soundbanks using the built-in organizer. Once you’re done playing with the packaged samples, the in-app shop provides additional soundpacks to discover or you can load your own samples using iTunes File Sharing for unlimited possibilities.

Noisepad v1.0 was released in 2011 by iPhonk a division of MediaGROE BV

version 2.0

Demo tutorial Noisepad V2.0:

Organize samples
- Organize samples into Soundbanks, drag 'n drop them onto buttons and swap them around
- Create as many Soundbanks as you like
- Overview of all Soundbanks, purchased Soundpacks and custom samples
- Rename or remove Soundbanks
- Rename user samples

Sequencer / Record
- Real-time sequencer: record your beats on the fly
- Record up to 12 patterns, each with own variable length (1 - 99 bars)
- Export pattern to WAV file
- Erase single instrument from pattern or the whole pattern at once
- Switch seamlessly between patterns: the next pattern is started after the current finishes
- Copy / Paste patterns to other slots by holding the pattern button
- Configurable BPM and Swing
- Tap button to adjust BPM easilly
- Toggle FX: effects applied to both pattern + tap pads or only tap pads
- Jam with the tap pads while the pattern repeats

New Soundpacks in the shop
- Bong-ra Hardcore
- Bong-ra Drum 'n' Bass
- Bong-ra Dubstep
- Loopbased We Love 808
- Loopbased Dirty South Flava

- Two new *free* preloaded soundpacks
- Hold: press down starts sample, release stops it
- Set the volume of each sample individually
- Mute individual samples or let one sample play solo with a single button press

App submitted Sun 30 Sep '12

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