Cut the Noise!

If you feel that you are spending too much time (or you don't have enough time to spend) looking for the content that matters. If you already realize that following more than a hundred people on twitter is almost impossible. If you end up going through too much irrelevant content to discover those few articles that are essential for keeping up to date with your job, passion or hobby, then you should NOOWIT.

With a unique Adaptive Information Filtering core, NOOWIT evaluates every piece of content from your favorite sources (sites, blogs, people) according to your multiple and evolving interests. It can filter out the least relevant content and it uses the top content to edit a magazine just for you. The pages of this magazine are ordered chronologically, but within each page articles are ranked and occupy space in accordance to their relevance to your personal interests. The most interesting articles appear large and the least interesting small, so you can easily focus on the content that matters.

Even better, you can easily create and publish your own NOOWIT magazine, with curated, or originally created content. So why maintain a dull blog, when you can have your own intelligent magazine with beautiful paginated content, adapted to the personal interests of each individual reader. It’s like publishing as many editions of your magazine as the number of readers. Each individual reader will be exposed to the most interesting content for her or him and will not bounce away.

Give it a go. It’s more than easy. With our dedicated [MAGit] button and bookmarklet you can add any article on the web to your magazine, or you can use our amazing authoring tool to write and publish your own articles. If you already maintain a blog, you may use our WordPresss plugin or become an affiliate to automatically create and maintain a magazine based on your blog posts. At NOOWIT we are working hard to make you a happy Reader, Blogger and Publisher.

App submitted Tue 17 Dec '13

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