notes & tasks

NoTasks is a new and unique way to manage and share your to-dos — a great experience!

Whether you are running your business, delivering a project or just organizing your next holidays, NoTasks is here to help you to achieve your goals!

- Real Time: see updates of others in real time
- Mobile: all features are mobile friendly
- Global: access data from the clouds anywhere at any time
- Smart filters: list on the screen only what matters to you
- Mass changes: apply same changes to multiple tasks
- Secure: all communications are encrypted
- Notifications: get informed when someone shares a task with you
- Quick search: find your task fast
- Due date: filter by deadlines and never miss it
- Labels: organize your tasks with custom colored labels
- Drag & drop: drag & drop support
- Optimised: all screens are optimized for the best performance

App submitted Fri 27 Jun '14

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