Finally a notes app worth using!

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Say 'Hello' to NotesBox - Finally a notes app worth using! NotesBox lets you manage and organise your notes in a simple, intuitive way. WIth a stunning user interface and slick easy to use navigation, managing your notes has never looked so good. In a nutshell, NotesBox is 'App Gorgeousness'! It's time to rethink your notes. Key Features: • Create different NoteBoxes for your notes • Save an infinite amount of notes in your NoteBoxes • Quick Note Option - simply tap and start typing • Email a note to yourself in as little as two taps • Move your notes around with ease • Reposition, rename or change the colour of a NotesBox at anytime • Search individual NoteBoxes and see results immediately • Fast, intuitive user interface • Reliable saving - NotesBox uses Core Data for storing your note details so you be sure all your notes are saved safely. Want More Info? Visit
App submitted Wed 17 Apr '13

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A note-taking app that you will actually want to use

Review posted Fri 19 Apr '13

The worst problem with keeping a note taking application on your iDevice is that they never really get used. I'm still constantly astounded by friends who, despite having perfectly fine note-taking apps on their iPhone, still pull out a pen ... Read more