Obama's Clean Sweep

Help Obama get a clean sweep in this election game!

You wanted Obama to win on Election Day and he did! However, it would've been even better if the entire country supported him. Now, with your support and skill, you can help Obama to have full support and win all 50 states! From Alabama to Wyoming, Obama can win over everyone with Obama's Clean Sweep!

The campaign trail is long and tough and Obama needs your help to win all 538 electoral votes. Tilt and rotate your device to roll Obama into, and collect, valuable votes for his campaign. But watch out for the scandals and eggs that can ruin your chances of getting the electoral results you want....

Make sure you don't lose Florida, keep the support of the city that never sleeps, win back the lone star state, and hold on to sweet home Alabama.

Get Obama rolling towards victory and defeating Romney in every state! Purchase Obama's Clean Sweep now to generate the clean sweep election campaign you really want!

App submitted Sun 25 Nov '12
Tags game

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