On Our Way

Never leave your route for food again!

On Our Way is a fun and easy way to find places to go during your road trips and travelling.

This app links up Yelp ratings with Google Maps to allow you to find top-rated restaurants directly on your route. You never again need to go through the hassle of turning around, driving out of your way, or guessing which town you’ll be in next!

We use all of the 20 million plus reviews from Yelp to help you find the best places to go. On Our way is your local guide for finding everything directly in your path, from boutiques to mechanics to restaurants to dentists.


- Define your trip route using Google's Maps

- Real time access to Yelp reviews

- Search for reviews by category and rating

- Discover matching reviews all along your planned route

Experience more enjoyable, safe and satisfying trips with On Our Way!

App submitted Mon 13 Aug '12

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Review posted Tue 14 Aug '12

On Our Way was developed by a couple of foodie guys after one specific road trip on the 1-5N from San Diego to San Francisco proved to be underwhelming on the food front. While they knew there had to be ... Read more