Parental Access

Best App To Secure Your Child's Mobile Actions

This application allows you to monitor your child’s mobile use actions when you are not physically present around, so as to prevent him/her from any bullying/threats or inappropriate online activities. It is designed to keep log of all Incoming/Outgoing Calls and Messages – even if they are removed from the device data. The app will be protected by User defined PIN (Passcode), and log can be sorted Alphabetically, Recent and Duration (only calls).

- SHOW MAP feature in Settings will show in the Google Map where your child (the device user) was exactly logged in, when contacted.
- User's location can be can be tracked if the GPS is on for each call.
- Parent (user) will have the option to put the Log On or OFF according to user requirement.
- User can SEARCH Calls or Message in Log using either Name or Phone Number.
- User can also see Log for Custom date Range.
- CLEAR DATA feature in Settings is customized to allow User delete records from Log (only with the 4 digit PIN)
- Parents can CHANGE PIN (if required) from the Settings.

App submitted Tue 17 Dec '13

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