Party Crashers

Download Party Crashers today to find, share, and create parties in the palm of your hand!
Imagine being able to find, share, and create parties right in the palm of your hand! Party Crasher is a free app that puts social into parties. Search for nearby parties and see if they are Crashable. If so, request an invitation to crash the party, and you may be on your way to the night of your life! Plan a Party instantly and invite friends from the Party Crashers’ app via Facebook, email, text, or your phone’s contact list.
App submitted Wed 10 Oct '12

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Plan and find great parties with your social friends

Review posted Fri 12 Oct '12  ·  21 comments

There have been some occasions over the last couple of years when this party application would have come in really useful. I remember some guy named Toby putting his party up on an open Facebook page a couple of years ... Read more