Higher Education Programs

Our mission is to provide students within every community across North America, the best resources for academic programs and tuition assistance.

PETAP is structured not just as an excellent academic resource guide for students with higher education goals, but is also cleverly structured to generate millions of additional dollars of affordable lines of credit for tuition assistance to eligible applicants interested in pursuing their higher education dreams.

Covering both the financial and academic ends of the education spectrum, PETAP offers its visitors helpful education resource links designed to assist and guide students with all of their educational requirements including tuition assistance and academic counseling and career assessments to help with choosing the right school.

Eligible applicants for tuition assistance include recent high school graduates, single parents, working adults and others with good credit and busy lifestyles who are ready to start enjoying the tremendous benefits of higher education through postsecondary education at colleges, universities, junior or community colleges, professional schools and technical institutes.

PETAP allows students to choose from hundreds of accredited online and campus based colleges and universities across North America.

PETAP's full spectrum of education and tuition assistance resources are designed to assist prospective and currently enrolled students with the opportunity to fulfill their education goals. PETAP's education resourcd links include access to all of the bassic information students need to begin and/or fine tune their education strategy. PETAP can help students with finding the right school, academic/career assessment programs, links to accrediting organizations, and access to literally hundreds of online degree and campus based programs.

App submitted Wed 14 Dec '11

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Review posted Wed 14 Dec '11

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