Phone Fight

The first ever phone-fighting game
THE 1ST EVER PHONE-FIGHTING GAME Wake up your phone and turn him into a hero! Give him a face and take care of him. Train him, collect awesome weapons and go fight other phones in your city! ★★★★★ "This game is awesome! As addictive as Angry Birds. You fight against the phones near you!" milo2 ★★★★★ "Phone Fight is the world's very first "phone-fighting" title". Pocket Gamer ★★★★★ "Phone Fight starts the biggest worldwide phone contest ever! A fun and addictive worldwide challenge" DailyGame ★★★★★ "A handy way to settle disputes over pizza toppings with your friends:)" VentureBeat THE BEST EVER MULTIPLAYER FIGHTING GAME! ✔ BATTLE MILLIONS OF iPHONES, in crazy fights! ✔ Create a fun and unique face for your iPhone, 3 billion possibilities! ✔ Take care of him, feed him, play with him… like a Tamagotchi! ✔ Collect 300+ crazy weapons! From a dragon to a toilet brush, to powerful shotguns to a cluster bomb ✔ 400+ missions on 99 levels ✔ Challenge your friends, people around you and around the world, LIVE! ✔ Play Lucky Bubble to win tons of prizes and rare weapons! ✔ Watch funny videos to entertain your iPhone and win free COINS! ✔ Improve your phone's skills to become a MASTER ! ✔ Multi-player and solo game ✔ Amazing HD graphics for RETINA
App submitted Wed 13 Feb '13

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