Pickn'Tell provides fashion lovers an exciting new fashion shopping experience

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Pickn'Tell provides fashion lovers an exciting new fashion shopping experience.

Pickn’Tell is a location based mobile service that enhances your shopping experience of clothes and fashion, enabling you to:

* Capture picture and videos with your phone camera or with our in store digital mirrors
* Get instant feedback from friends about your outfits and try-ons while in store or at home
* Browse fashion brand catalogs and add article you like into your wardrobe or your wishlist
* Select your favorite brands and view available coupons, and events, store locations and map directions to stores nearby
* Surprise your friends and send them eGiftcards to their favorite brands, directly from your phones
* Manage your wardrobe and wishlist, and share them with your closest friends or with the entire Pickn’Tell fashion lover community
*Invite friends to shop with you, or send coupons and events to friends using our person to person chat feature
* Gain points and prizes for your activity with Pickn’Tell, and receive promotions & discounts from stores you visited
* View pictures and videos posted by other Pickn’Tell community members, and make friends with like-minded people
* Get real-time fitting advice and styling tips for pictures or videos you posted, and help others with their fashion

Check out our app on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qChB-V6D4ss

App submitted Sat 10 Nov '12

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The role model for the ultimate shopping experience

Review posted Sat 10 Nov '12

In an ideal shopping and retailing world Pickn'Tell would probably be the perfect role model for a successful shopping experience. This shopping application gives mobile customers a complete and comprehensive shopping experience while giving retailers the perfect advertising medium to ... Read more