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Pic Something, challenge and have fun

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This brand new application is truly the first of its kind in any application store.
It’s just marvelous when it comes to searching social networks thus it could be called a game as it helps you pose questions with photos in order to emphasize on the sheer context and challenge your friends, acquaintances or some random folks that you have met on the global network.

Additionally, our brand new application gives you the chance to crop, edit, reframe, zoom, apply filters, even draw on your very photo you have taken and then send it to your friends and have some fun by posing different challenges to them in the form of a game.

Frankly, picture gaming has never been so enjoyable and breathtaking so far. You can take your mind off your everyday stressful business tasks and just experience the sheer relaxation by simply combining social networking and gaming at the same time.

As well as asking, you could also answer your friends’ questions in the very same way by posting pictures instead of words – the whole process will become truly exciting and much funnier than ever before.

All in all, PicSo is a new generation of picture sharing and gaming mixed with the sole purpose of coming out with a brand new solution for people sharing ideas through photos and having fun at the same time while playing games in the form of questionnaires or simple quizzes. What more could we wish for?!

PicSo is the future of picture sharing and entertainment. Enjoy it today!

App submitted Wed 12 Mar '14

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